New quilt design on my wall

I’ve recently done the Electric Quilt version 8 update to my software. I’ve been using EQ since version 5 and I’ve got to highly recommend this if you are into designing your own quilts. This is one I’m currently working on and have made lots of progress>

If I were to have a favorite part, it would be the ease of scanning my own fabrics into my designs and seeing them before I start making my blocks.

The blocks I’m using are 12″ square, this will make for quicker piecing so I can get it onto my longarm quicker, finish it and get it done!

I will post a tutorial on how I like to do paperpeicing , so stay tuned!


Been away for a while, but have been working…

Here’s a peek of what’s on my design wall, which seems to keep growing and changing. I have been using up my new Cotton and Steel layer cakes and some neutral Carolyn Freidlander fabric. 
I plan to quilt in the centers of the grid fabric, though I haven’t quite gotten to what I’ll do there yet.

The other new addition to my studio has been to bring my long arm upstairs to give my daughter my former studio a larger bedroom. There’s something to be said for making changes that work ! At first I wasn’t convinced my long arm would even fit, but fortunately it’s fitting in nicely and I really like my new space.

It’s a little bit of a tighter squeeze , but working out well!

I plan to post more from other works I’ve completed soon!

Hope you are all enjoying what’s left of summer🌸

Bye for now,


some peeks at the start of quilting…

IMG_2101Here’s what I have been up to on my Star Quilt!The quilting is going well, there are some areas that I haven’t quite figured out yet, but I’m off to the start and that feels good!IMG_2102The area under the text section is next, and I am not sure what I’m going to do there, it’s so busy that fine details will not show up as much, but I’m thinking some sort of spin on feathers could work. I’ll post photos when I get thru a run. Also, if you go on Instagram I sometimes post my in progress photos.

SIMG_2100Since the weather is getting nicer here in Marblehead I began my day with a chilly but sunny bike ride along the seashore. This always gives me a chance to meditate and ideas can flow, so hopefully I will be able to do this lovely ritual daily as weather permits.

I’m looking forward to completing a few quilts that are pieced yet not quilted but since I go between piecing new tops and quilting the finished I’m a bit slow pokey!

Well, I hope you all out there are getting what ever projects your working on done too!

Happy Spring to everyone in this part of the country and to all hope your enjoying your day!


Back to work on my long arm…

IMG_0432_2IMG_0435_2I’ve gotten back to work on quilting my Star Quilt, I don’t know if you’ve been following my blog posts, but I had been working on this quilt several months ago. I have a habit of putting quilts to the side and then spending time only designing and piecing. When I get to a place where I’m either stuck or need a change of pace I begin to quilt. So, that’s where I am today.

It’s actually refreshing, it’s like a new start on the same quilt. I am using a wide back fabric from Carolyn Freidlanders’ Doe collection, an 80/20 Hobbs batting and it’s now loaded on my long arm and ready to quilt.

I am not even sure what I will do with the quilting, but since I always custom quilt in a free style I’ll be working it out area by area, hoping it somehow speaks to me.

So, off I go now!Hope you all have a lovely day!


Border dilema, to go bright or low volume…

IMG_1863This is the quilt that has been on my design wall for quite some time, I interrupted it’s progress while working on my long arm. In doing so it gave me time to pause, reflect and perhaps change my mind…IMG_2078So, the above was the color way I was going. It’s quite vivid, and I’ll admit I do love it. Though complex and busy it could work out. Next, thought was, why not try a low volume border and save the wild stuff for after…IMG_2079So, this is the low volume color way. I think i may go this way and potentially sprinkle in some bright transitions. There will be another border after this one which should hold it together, hopefully.

What do you all think?Good plan?

Hope you are all enjoying the day!Thanks for visiting my blog…


Finally binding, after being swallowed by the snow!

IMG_0394_2I know I’ve been on the missing list on my blog for the past few weeks!I guess my only excuse is the fact that I have no real excuse!Maybe the snow got to me or maybe I just felt uninspired , but while in my doldrums I was working extremely slowly on my long arm. I can finally say that I have finished the quilting! Yay! So, the hand sewing begins now, I’m onto the binding.

I’ve decided to use the same fabric as the main quilt fabric for the binding, that’s Robert Kaufmans’ Japan. I really love how the edges are very harmonious with the body of the quilt.IMG_0393_2 IMG_0392_2 IMG_0391_2Here are a few detail photos of the quilting designs I used. I custom quilted everything free motion on my Handi Quilter. I’ve never actually used pantographs, always finding that what works best for my style of quilting would be a more unrestricted style allowing me to flow as I quilt.

So, I will try to stay more active with my posts, this also keeps me honest with my work! It’s a win, win!But, before I sign off I wanted to share some photos of some snow scenes so you will kind of get where my heads been.IMG_1980 IMG_0045I guess I just have to remind myself that Spring is Just Around the Corner!Please!!!

Hope you are all warm and cozy, quilting away!


Modern Quilts/Modern Art

IMG_1319This is a photo of an appliqué quilt I had made a while back, it’s actually the center of a medallion quilt. I loved cutting out and playing with these whimsical shapes at the time. It was like making a fantasy garden.I appliqued my floral arrangement on a strip pieced fabric in low volume fabrics. On top of this again using a neutral thread I explored some of my fancier machine stitches to create a sort of texture.

I am reflecting on these kind of shapes because I think we all inherently have a few shapes that we like to repeat over and over in our repertoire .I recently went to the Mattisse show at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. It was a really great show of his cutouts. These reminded me so much of what I enjoy doing myself. Shapes I love to repeat and of course modern quilters of today and our use of solid colors.IMG_0388_2Here’s a little gem, it’s not very large but the shapes, the minimal use of colors  and the texture really reached my sensibility.IMG_0389_2Here’s another rather enormous collage that is just beautiful, my photo has been turned vertically, but it’s actually a horizontal mural.

Thought I would share all these with you, and my thoughts for todays blog .

It’s beautifully snowing outside today and I feel I will be able to steal away in my studio and get another border stitches on my current quilt top, so hurray for the snow day!IMG_1907My weeping Cherry Blossom tree is all coated in pretty whiteness!

Hope you are all enjoying your day, and thanks for stopping by my blog!