Finally binding, after being swallowed by the snow!

IMG_0394_2I know I’ve been on the missing list on my blog for the past few weeks!I guess my only excuse is the fact that I have no real excuse!Maybe the snow got to me or maybe I just felt uninspired , but while in my doldrums I was working extremely slowly on my long arm. I can finally say that I have finished the quilting! Yay! So, the hand sewing begins now, I’m onto the binding.

I’ve decided to use the same fabric as the main quilt fabric for the binding, that’s Robert Kaufmans’ Japan. I really love how the edges are very harmonious with the body of the quilt.IMG_0393_2 IMG_0392_2 IMG_0391_2Here are a few detail photos of the quilting designs I used. I custom quilted everything free motion on my Handi Quilter. I’ve never actually used pantographs, always finding that what works best for my style of quilting would be a more unrestricted style allowing me to flow as I quilt.

So, I will try to stay more active with my posts, this also keeps me honest with my work! It’s a win, win!But, before I sign off I wanted to share some photos of some snow scenes so you will kind of get where my heads been.IMG_1980 IMG_0045I guess I just have to remind myself that Spring is Just Around the Corner!Please!!!

Hope you are all warm and cozy, quilting away!


17 thoughts on “Finally binding, after being swallowed by the snow!

  1. Lovely to receive you post. What beautiful, intricate quilting! It really is a work of art. And the snow pics are amazing. I hope this doesn’t make you too jealous but Spring is beginning to Spring in the south of England – snowdrops are everywhere and other bulbs are showing their leaves despite a chilly wind. Hopefully you’ll soon see signs of new life and the end of the white stuff!


  2. Oh my goodness! What a beautiful job of quilting! It looks amazing. It makes me want a longarm right now! But, honestly they scare me. I don’t know if I could do it. I think I just want to send all of quilts to you to do:) Excellent work!!


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