Border dilema, to go bright or low volume…

IMG_1863This is the quilt that has been on my design wall for quite some time, I interrupted it’s progress while working on my long arm. In doing so it gave me time to pause, reflect and perhaps change my mind…IMG_2078So, the above was the color way I was going. It’s quite vivid, and I’ll admit I do love it. Though complex and busy it could work out. Next, thought was, why not try a low volume border and save the wild stuff for after…IMG_2079So, this is the low volume color way. I think i may go this way and potentially sprinkle in some bright transitions. There will be another border after this one which should hold it together, hopefully.

What do you all think?Good plan?

Hope you are all enjoying the day!Thanks for visiting my blog…


13 thoughts on “Border dilema, to go bright or low volume…

  1. To my eye the low volume with its high contrast draws too much attention to itself. Since you have a border planned after this border, I’d go with the aqua. Then a low key final border in the gray/white colors. I’ll come back to see what other suggestions you get … scary to be first. 🙂


  2. It’s a tough call but I think I’d go bright! I guess looking at the whole quilt top on your design wall and being able to see the next borders in your head will get you to a more informed decision!


  3. I vote for low volume. I love the colors in the top as originally made and my eye doesn’t want the blue in there…having said that, I think it will be smashing no matter what you do…!


  4. The patterning you have alternates the bright with the greys, and on that basis of repetition, you’d use bright next. Then if you use greys/low volume for the last border and finish with a bright multi-colored binding, the balance would be good. But the most important things is what YOU WANT.

    And the other consideration is, you can’t ruin it either way. Let’s say you do one and then don’t like it. So?? So take it off and do the other. It isn’t a decision you can’t reverse.

    Either way I’ll look forward to seeing where you take this. It’s fabulous so far.


  5. Would be nice to see it one the wall…a benefit you have. I am leaning to the low-volume, as much as I love the colorful option. Hope you will show us the final work of love and art!


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