Back to work on my long arm…

IMG_0432_2IMG_0435_2I’ve gotten back to work on quilting my Star Quilt, I don’t know if you’ve been following my blog posts, but I had been working on this quilt several months ago. I have a habit of putting quilts to the side and then spending time only designing and piecing. When I get to a place where I’m either stuck or need a change of pace I begin to quilt. So, that’s where I am today.

It’s actually refreshing, it’s like a new start on the same quilt. I am using a wide back fabric from Carolyn Freidlanders’ Doe collection, an 80/20 Hobbs batting and it’s now loaded on my long arm and ready to quilt.

I am not even sure what I will do with the quilting, but since I always custom quilt in a free style I’ll be working it out area by area, hoping it somehow speaks to me.

So, off I go now!Hope you all have a lovely day!


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