Been away for a while, but have been working…

Here’s a peek of what’s on my design wall, which seems to keep growing and changing. I have been using up my new Cotton and Steel layer cakes and some neutral Carolyn Freidlander fabric. 
I plan to quilt in the centers of the grid fabric, though I haven’t quite gotten to what I’ll do there yet.

The other new addition to my studio has been to bring my long arm upstairs to give my daughter my former studio a larger bedroom. There’s something to be said for making changes that work ! At first I wasn’t convinced my long arm would even fit, but fortunately it’s fitting in nicely and I really like my new space.

It’s a little bit of a tighter squeeze , but working out well!

I plan to post more from other works I’ve completed soon!

Hope you are all enjoying what’s left of summer🌸

Bye for now,


Border dilema, to go bright or low volume…

IMG_1863This is the quilt that has been on my design wall for quite some time, I interrupted it’s progress while working on my long arm. In doing so it gave me time to pause, reflect and perhaps change my mind…IMG_2078So, the above was the color way I was going. It’s quite vivid, and I’ll admit I do love it. Though complex and busy it could work out. Next, thought was, why not try a low volume border and save the wild stuff for after…IMG_2079So, this is the low volume color way. I think i may go this way and potentially sprinkle in some bright transitions. There will be another border after this one which should hold it together, hopefully.

What do you all think?Good plan?

Hope you are all enjoying the day!Thanks for visiting my blog…


Food for Thought…on being creative


Do you feel influenced creatively by color, fabric or subject matter?

Or might you instead just have an urge to make something beautiful, or useful?

Tell me in your comments how you feel about these things.

I think that I’m inspired by colors primarily and the “idea” will fall into place after. Thus, collecting fabrics/colors to be sitting at the ready waiting for use.Ready to be sliced, cut into and replaced in some fashion making new and interesting things to be looked at.

So, if you don’t consider yourself to be an artist/crafter why this urge to make things?

I sometimes think of my grandmother and her compulsion to always be making something- knitting , crocheting, cooking. These were always useful products of her efforts; objects…blankets/foods.

Do you non quilters out there reading this blog feel the same about what you make or do?

I want to use this blog to share my thoughts along with my quilts and fabrics.I enjoy looking at so many blogs out there and really love the fact that we share a small world.

I am  working on a series of quilts now that I’m so enjoying , in terms of process. The types and styles of fabrics in the quilters market is so varied that I feel we can all find a diversified voice in all of our various quilts.So, as you are making your quilts or forms of craft, remember that you  are also communicating .

Meantime, here’s a fragment of a quilt I have been working on, it’s about to be finished soon.IMG_1530

It’s a vague sort of photo, but colors and style are what I’m working towards.

Enjoy the process! Thanks for visiting me…