New quilt design on my wall

I’ve recently done the Electric Quilt version 8 update to my software. I’ve been using EQ since version 5 and I’ve got to highly recommend this if you are into designing your own quilts. This is one I’m currently working on and have made lots of progress>

If I were to have a favorite part, it would be the ease of scanning my own fabrics into my designs and seeing them before I start making my blocks.

The blocks I’m using are 12″ square, this will make for quicker piecing so I can get it onto my longarm quicker, finish it and get it done!

I will post a tutorial on how I like to do paperpeicing , so stay tuned!


Been away for a while, but have been working…

Here’s a peek of what’s on my design wall, which seems to keep growing and changing. I have been using up my new Cotton and Steel layer cakes and some neutral Carolyn Freidlander fabric. 
I plan to quilt in the centers of the grid fabric, though I haven’t quite gotten to what I’ll do there yet.

The other new addition to my studio has been to bring my long arm upstairs to give my daughter my former studio a larger bedroom. There’s something to be said for making changes that work ! At first I wasn’t convinced my long arm would even fit, but fortunately it’s fitting in nicely and I really like my new space.

It’s a little bit of a tighter squeeze , but working out well!

I plan to post more from other works I’ve completed soon!

Hope you are all enjoying what’s left of summer🌸

Bye for now,


Quilting my quilt…

IMG_1785I’ve been in between quilting this quilt and working on blocks for my next one…so I figured I would post a few photos whilst I’m working away here. I am really enjoying this quilt because I love making pebbles(which are circular motifs that are used as fillers). I also am trying to simplify areas where the piecing is a little busier by using a branch like pattern. IMG_1786 IMG_1790 IMG_1791I’m using a paisley like design on the negative, open areas, which I have drawn free style and on one hand feel that they may not be showing up to their fullest glory because of the fabrics colors and my thread choice. But, hey what the heck,I wanted subtle , and so that’s what I’ve got!IMG_1787My favorite quilting thread from Superior Threads is a neutral variegated 40 weight.I really love the tiny passes that are a darker shade,then it goes to the lighter shades.So, I’m really counting on when it’s all done and off the longarm that these subtleties translate to shimmery and dimensional. I don’t know if I had mentioned that the batting is a Hobbs 80/20 and so when washed it won’t be as puckery as an all cotton batting.IMG_0344_2In case my photos are too subtle, here’s the drawing of my paisleys!

Well, that’s where I’ll leave it for todays post!Hope you are all enjoying whatever you’re working on too!

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Shapes and Colors…

So why are we as quilters so in love with shapes and colors?

I find it interesting that there are so many variables…Whether it’s the dark/light combo,whether it’s simply texture of pattern in the fabrics, or sometimes the scale of the print.These are all concepts in our design choices that can really make a quilt have its individual voice, yours and mine.

In looking at quilts from the past I  like to wonder why the quilter put so much thought into their sophisticated  colors and shapes. They made thousands of blocks we can all find throughout the history of quilts, isn’t that pretty remarkable?

When you think of it 100 years ago and more these quilters were as involved as we all are today.They didn’t have the quick technology we have, we all can connect through our blogs, instagram and such.They didn’t have that resource .

We consider ourselves as Modern Quilters, yet they were at their time Modern as well.Now, we are able to look at those quilts, reflect and adapt and modify in a relevant way.IMG_0179_2

Here’s an Irish Chain quilt I had made, based on the traditional formula, pattern. IMG_0312_2

The above photo is a magnification of an area in the quilt, once it’s separated from the context of the tradition, it becomes fresh and modern.

So now we are able to look back and reflect ,carry on and re-make. Ideas that spring out of these traditions are our journals of what’s Modern today.   In 100 years these Modern Quilts will be a resource for other quilters, So, as you are  in process , you are also creating your own journal.Hope this concept can inspire you and the way you see quilts around us all!

Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog!



Here’s where I’m at with my new quilt…

Hi everyone!Today I’m in the process of making a few decisions on my next quilt. As you all have read in one of my prior blog posts I am using Jaybird Quilts Sidekick ruler along with my favorite Cotton and Steel Basics jellyroll.I have some typed words fabric from Allison Glass. So, love,love these altogether at this point .

IMG_0254I found some beautiful fabric in my stash that I have been hoarding. It’s the monochrome that you see in the above photo. What you see there is me just taking a couple of my diamonds and plunking them on top of this fabric(Robert Kaufman’s Quilters Linen Dots).I wish I had bought more of this fabric at the time! Well, it has driven me into motion, I am thinking that I will mix this fabric with some of the other beautiful graphic fabrics that are out there now.

I’m still not exactly sure where this is all going, I need to keep looking at it all. But, I plan to keep making the diamonds and using a variety of colors in my jelly roll and while in process I can see how it all goes.

The weather here is still very beautiful and I am hoping we can keep this summer time heat a while longer, I still go out on my bike in the morning and have coffee along the water.IMG_0199_2It’s so calming to sit there . Soon it will get very cold and this will be a mere memory until next summer!

Thanks for visiting my blog and I hope you’re enjoying your day…



Flying Geese, what fun!

Hi everyone,another day another blog! As you’ve probably guessed I am really into this blogging. I find it so much fun to get my thoughts down and communicate with you all out there.

Today I thought that I would write another very simple tutorial on another favorite of mine, the flying geese.I like to make them in a very basic way, though there are other ways that I will only briefly mention in this tutorial, but another day I can get into it further.

So, here goes…

We are all infatuated with jelly rolls these days, and the 2 1/2″ strips are very cool, so I am using 2 1/2″ as my measurement here, but really any size will do.I’ve cut 1  piece 2 1/2’x5″  and two pieces are cut into 2 1/2″ squares.IMG_0240

Two units of  2 1/2″ by 2 1/2″ are used for the sides as you can see in the photo above.


Next, you place each of the two squares on each side of the 2 1/2″ by 5″ rectangle then using a ruler draw a diagonal line to sew on. IMG_0241_2It will look like the photo above, so go ahead and sew! After sewing you will need to cut with your rotary cutter 1/4″ away from the sewn line, then flip the piece back and like magic you have a perfect flying geese!IMG_0243



So, that was the basic, very few tools involved way of making geese. There are so many ways to use your geese. That will be another blog entry I will be posting.

One more thing that I wanted to mention…If you prefer, Kimberly Einmo has a wonderful Flying Geese ruler that I love too!You can check it out on her website. I use both methods, just what ever suits my fancy at the time.IMG_0251_2


I hope that this is clear, if you have any questions let me know, I’d be happy to answer you!

So, until next time, have a lovely day! Thanks for stopping by…